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Jack has been with me for about 2 1/2 months now: I can imagine the kind woman who sheltered him is missing this one -- he is really something! Along with his stubborn personality and insatiable appetite, Jack is a hip-dog through and through. He gives as much love as he constantly demands from me, and I am happy to oblige.

He has a kingdom to call his own, and neither did I imagine nor wish it would be any different.

He is a great comrade and enjoys riding in my truck; occasionaly his stubborness gets the better of him, and I have to pick him up and put him in. Ah well, a day in the life right ...

I wish to thank the kind volunteer who (grudgingly, I am sure lol) gave him to me, as well as those at Perfinder for making this possible!


Adopted from Chasing Light Animal Shelter, Los Angeles, CA



Marti was just 5 Months old when his sister and she were dropped off at the shelter. Her sister got adopted immediately, but unfortunately she did not. On her last day she was temporally adopted through my schools chapter of Future Farmers of America, along with 4 other dogs. Once she was there I was put in charge of training her for my animal science two (small animals) exam, and naturally I fell in love immediately. She was just a tiny little thing, filthy and untrusting, but she just connected with me. My teachers intention was to adopt out all 5 Dogs at the end of the semester, after we trained them, But naturally things did not go as planned. Marti was going to be adopted by a teacher at school but she had extreme separation anxiety when I was not around. When the teacher brought her back she saw how Marti acted around me and decided that she would never be that attached to anyone else. When it got to be the end of the semester I thought her to sit, stay, lie down, shake, come, and walk on a leash. After talking to my parents they finally decided that we should make her part of our pack. It took my other 2 dogs some getting used to but they both love her now and she no longer has trust issues.

Adopted from East Rowan High School